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***Note: As of December 2013 my most current info is on my dreamwidth profile, though I will continue updating LJ with the most important things for the foreseeable future.

Recent information can also be found on my tumblr about, fandom, and devotional pages. My wishlist is also on tumblr, as are my adopt-a-plotbunny center, links to my stuff elsewhere on the web, and a list of the MCU meta pieces I've posted to tumblr.***

I hate these things. I am a doctoral student in the US, specializing in modern German lit, film, film adaptation and media theory. I read, write, think, imagine, paint, do random crafts when the urge strikes, and have a rather-too-expensive-to-maintain addiction to fine writing supplies to match my equally troublesome bibliophilia. LibraryThing was instant love.

Being at times a contradictory person, I love both the desert and the water; however I have strict standards when it comes to mountains. If it has trees growing on top, it's not a proper mountain. Period. Rocks and snow and great freezing winds are more like it.

I always end up liking the villains.


See my website and my profile at Archive Of Our Own for my fanworks. My main Dreamwidth account is also condwiramurs. My fanart at DeviantArt is under daylightsdauphin. Everything there is also at my website, with the exception of a few pieces restricted to DA due to stock photo terms of use. I have a fannish/personal tumblr under condwiramurs, as well as my non-fannish black-and-white photoblog there called The Light Obscure.

Here are my recs list and my themed lists of HP fanfic.

HP was my first fandom and is the one in which much of my writing happens; I read in Sherlock BBC, Star Trek, House, NCIS, Tolkien, Inception, and a few other fandoms occasionally. Much of what I write is meta, though I do write occasional HP, Loki and Trek fics from time to time; I also make fanart. I am slowly working on a Severus Snape tarot deck; information and updates here or on tumblr here.

Snape fan and proud of it (though I did cry for Sirius in OotP). Fan of both Montal!Khan and Cumber!Khan, Uhura, Spock, and Sulu. Picard will always be my captain, though. And Loki is my king.

Addicted to both Death Note and Black Butler. May indulge in mindless squee RE above. You have been warned. My newest fandom obsessions meanwhile are Spirited Away, Smauglock, the Star Trek reboot, and Loki. (No, not the Marvel universe, LOKI.) Plotbunnies and artbunnies lurk. Also, for all that I was disappointed by Into Darkness on many levels (such as its handling of race and gender to start with), I've come to have a bizarre hankering for Khan/Spock and Khan/Sulu fic. Don't ask me why. I am a huge fan of the show Elementary as well, but not yet very involved in online fandom for it.

If I have an OTP for HP, it is Poppy/Severus, although Andromeda/Severus has become a close second. My other usual ships are SS/HG(/LM), SS/LL, SS/NT, SS/RB, SB/RL, SS/LM, SS/MM, and occasionally SS/LE. I somehow got addicted to Snarry without meaning to; it probably was unavoidable. ;) I'm not sure why I read Severus/any male Weasley fic, as I dislike the Weasleys with the exception of Ron, but I do. I also have become a Severus/Voldemort shipper against my will. But I'll read most pairings when well-done. I prefer some plot and character to pure smut.

I shipped Thorki for a while, but have been less interested in it of late.

Miscellaneous ships:
Sherlock/John (BBC)
Sherlock/Irene-Moriarty (Elementary)
Hercule Poirot/Countess Vera Rossakoff
Khan/Spock, Khan/Sulu
Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux
Mulder/Scully (sometimes)
Loki/Mulder (Foxfrost)

For my full transformative works policy, please see this page of my website. In brief: transformative works are awesome and an honor, so please go ahead. I require only proper credit and, if possible, a link to the original. The exception is icons using my fanart - please ask first. I would love to be linked to your work so I can share it, but that is not required. Above all, fandom is love, and I'd be thrilled if anyone loved my work enough to transform it.

Please do not archive my works publicly without getting my permission first. But you may privately distribute free pdfs/copies of my work if it is inaccessible to someone - please make sure it bears proper attribution though.

I identify as queer, feminist in an intersectional way, and at the present moment, during an extended process of questioning, as both a woman and genderqueer, or in other words as a genderqueer woman. It's difficult to explain concisely beyond that. Female and gender-neutral pronouns are both fine with me: she, her; sie, hir. (I prefer sie to ze; it feels more 'me,' and the built-in linguistic play with German also amuses me.) Regarding religion/spirituality/etc., lets just say that it's complicated. The super-simplified version might be liberal Taoist Catholic, except that leaves out more than it includes. Sigh. Also: mysticism.

Quoth the Raven: Nevermore.

~ and ~

About me in brief (thanks dicky!): "There's nowt as queer as folk."

Character reference by mingbutterfly, aka Bellatrix Lestrange: "You have a heart of gold and an aptitude for the cruciatus curse, and I love you like you're covered in bees!" Heh. ;)

Age, for when that matters: over 21.

Wishlist is here.

Transformative works and archiving policy is here.

Friending policy is here.

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